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IGF-1, and IGF-1 LR3

Anti-Inflammation and Connective Tissue Repair

IGF-1, or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1, is a comprehensive health and anti-aging factor. For years it has been independently investigated for its potential effects on inflammation, cancer, diabetes, obesity and more.
A naturally occurring protein with a molecular structure like insulin, it is produced inside the body primarily by the liver as an endocrine hormone, and it functions as a mediator of the effects of growth hormone. When growth hormone is released into the bloodstream from the pituitary gland, it stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1, which in turn stimulates growth in a broad range of cells: skeletal, muscle, cartilage, bone, nerve, skin and multiple organs.

“IGF-1’s positive effects on hormone activity and muscle development is well established. It is an integral component and consideration in adjunctly addressing the inflammatory-immune response seen in an array of disease states and across many areas of medical specialization.”

Rudy Panganiban, MD, FAAPMR
Genetics Health Medical Director

IGF-1 Benefits

  • Helps regulate fat for use as energy
  • Increases rates of protein synthesis
  • Positive effects on body composition and metabolism; increased lean body mass and decreased adiposity
  • Mediates many of the growth-promoting effects and protein anabolic actions of growth hormone
  • Increases regenerative function of nerve tissue
  • Boosts the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle tissue
  • Upregulation of antioxidant benefit and, in combination with Vitamin C, has been shown to increase collagen formation and increase ligament strength
  • IGF-1 and growth hormone are crucial in the development of bone both during puberty and throughout adult life
  • IGF-1 treatment in addition to insulin treatment can correct growth hormone hyper-secretion, improve insulin sensitivity and glycemic control and decrease the dose of insulin needed to regulate glucose levels

IGF-1 LR3, is a Long-Chain Recombinant of IGF-1. The difference is the duration increase in bioactivity from a half-life of about 8-10 hours for the regular IGF-1, to about 20 hours with the LR3. The LR3 essentially reduces the frequency of dosing needed from multiple times per day, to just once daily.

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