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Appetite Stimulation

GHRP-2 – Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-2 – is a peptide made up of just six amino acids, which stimulates secretion of endogenous GH. Research shows GHRP-2 can stimulate the pituitary to increase secretion of GH by 7-15 times, stimulating ghrelin receptors to promote appetite.

GHRP-2 acts as a synthetic ghrelin analogue that simulates the release of endogenous growth hormone within the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary. Specifically, GHRP-2 will increase the number of somatotrophs in a GH pulse by limiting the amount of somatostatin present while standard GHRH, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone, increases the amplitude at which the pituitary cells pulse.

The main effects of GHRP-2 are:
•GH secretion
• Appetite enhancement
• Fat mass decrease
• Muscle mass increase
• Lowering of cholesterol level
• Skin and bone strengthening
• Protection of the liver and anti-inflammatory action

GHRP-2 possesses many repair properties that can be attributed to its immune boosting function.

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