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Wound and Connective Tissue Repair

BPC-157 – Body Protection Compound – BPC-157 is a Penta-decapeptide chain composed of 15 amino acids that promotes muscle and tendon healing, increase angiogenesis, and decreases inflammatory response. It also produces additional type 1 collagen. It has excellent potential for diabetic wound healing. BPC-157 also repairs intestine, bone, teeth, brain tissue and the cornea.

BPC-157 is a chemical derived from a protective protein found in the body isolated from gastric juice in the stomach. This substance is systemic in action but can also be administered directly to the site of injury.

Improves nerve regeneration. Induces release of serotonin in nigrostriatal area of the brain. Counteracts side effects of Parkinson’s agents.

Potential uses for BPC-157

  • Counteracts NSAID lesions in the GI tract
  • Can get patients off PPI’s
  • Protects against hepatoxicity and can even counteract it
  • Counteracts bleeding times – thrombus protection and dissolution
  • Highly Stable, resistant to hydrolysis and enzyme digestion
  • Can be dissolved in water and given orally
  • Promotes tissue healing through signaling pathways
  • Can be used to treat corneal abrasions – heals hypovascularized, hypocellular, hyponerual tissues
  • Skin – can work to regenerate on a cellular level rather than topically
Potential Benefits Of Bpc-157:

  • Improves Nerve Regeneration
  • Induces Release Of Serotonin In Nigrostriatal Area Of The Brain
  • Counteracts Side Effects Of Parkinson’s Agents
  • Shows Significant Anti-Inflammatory Properties
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