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HIPAA Policy

Genetics Health takes your privacy seriously, and we appreciate just how important the integrity of your personal information is. This privacy policy spells out what information we gather, how we use that information, how that information is stored and secured and how it can be used to provide better services in the future. Your personal health information is sensitive and private, and we make every effort to provide you with an easy, safe and transparent experience on our website.

In the event that our privacy policy changes, we will make every effort to notify you of the changes. Some changes may be minor and will not affect the use of your previously gathered personal information; however, when a change has been made that is significant or that may change the use of personal information, we will not use previously gathered information without providing notice and obtaining consent.

Online Privacy

Protecting your private information is a significant priority. We share your concerns about security of information gathered online. This statement of privacy applies specifically to the policies we have in place and practices we follow to help keep your personal information secure. By accessing and using this site, you consent to the terms set forth in the privacy policy.

Information Gathered

Genetics Health, like many other companies, gathers information necessary to help facilitate and improve the quality of services rendered. For customer services and shipping purposes, Genetics Health gathers and stores personal information specific to individuals, which helps us in the administration of these services.

Names, addresses, email addresses, doctor’s information, medical information, gender, contact information, and other relevant information may be used by us to communicate with and educate our customers regarding our current products and services. It may also be used to provide customers with information regarding new or upcoming products, promotions and services. Aggregate, non-identifying information may be provided to researchers and medical professionals who use or who may use our services.

This information is also gathered to facilitate order processing, fulfillment and all other operational functions for customers who are currently receiving services provided by us and our affiliated enterprises, including compounding pharmacies.

Genetics Health where necessary collects credit card information to process orders and for shipping purposes. We may contact financial institutions and credit card organizations to verify information and credit.

No information will be used or disseminated in a way that violates any applicable laws or regulations regarding patient data, confidentiality or accessibility.

When a customer visits the Genetics Health. website, certain information is tracked and processed, which allows us to gather statistical information about the website. This allows us to monitor and improve site performance, navigation, and usage. Common information gathered consists of domain name, time, URL, date of access, protocol address of the website you are connecting, the site pages you have visited, the number of times you have visited each page, along with all of the elements of the website user behavior, which is collected in aggregate and used to help the website experience. Your IP address and domain name may be collected to custom tailor the website to returning customers. No personal information such as email address is gathered at this time. Any email or personal information is gathered through cookies or voluntary opt-in forms solicitations. We will provide customers the ability to opt-out of solicitations or generated information.

Use By Third-Parties

Genetics Health does not sell, trade, rent personal identifiable information collected through the use of our website. We do not use personal information for the purpose of test-marketing with third parties. However, third party software is installed and used to help us gather and analyze statistical site information regarding site usage. Personal information may be disclosed or shared where required by law. Information may be used by companies owned or working with Genetics Health. Genetics Health can also share information due to the sale or transfer of a business unit to another entity or company.

Genetics Health’s website contains links to other websites for informational purposes, and these sites may have different or varying privacy policies. Please be sure to read the privacy policies of all linked or navigated websites that you visit.


Genetics Health has taken the necessary steps and measures to manage and protect the privacy of personal information, identifiable information, financial information and the overall security of the website. However, the security of information gathered online cannot be guaranteed. Genetics Health uses usernames and passwords to identify each registered user. Users are responsible for maintaining their own passwords and usernames. Genetics Health backs-up information routinely and uses appropriate technology to prevent individuals from accessing information without authorization.

Internet Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective from the date listed. Occasionally we will update or modify our privacy policy. Updated policies will be immediately posted under the privacy policy section of the Genetics Health website. We suggest that you frequently visit this privacy policy section to update yourself on any changes that may have occurred.

Children’s Policy

Genetics Health does not collect personal information from children under the age of 13 without prior parental consent.


If you do not want to be contacted by Genetics Health, please email or send a letter in writing to the address located on the contact page because we email, call or text you to alert you when it is time to refill your prescription. Telephone requests will not be accepted. If you have information changes, please email or send written letters with those changes to the provided contacts on the contact page.

It is vital that we hear what our visitors have to say about our website. Your feedback about our website, services and any issues is what allows us to provide the most informative site possible. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, please forward those by email or written letter using the contact information provided on the contact page.

Effective Date: 11/7/2013

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